Scales shed,
Dead petals streaking
Across silky night, threads
Tattered finally by
West wind
Stars, veins formed by the
Decisions of the sun
Scars, ages of story and song
Flung crackling to the
Fires of windswept
We are gone;
Our life force invested in
Armor of the serpent
I am left;
Coiling and
Vulnerable in the dark
As my eyes grow dim
Yet it is here that I arise
Once more
The colors lost and faded
Freeze up moon
I whisper as I gather
The shards of broken
Jewels and memories
Around me
Freeze up mother
As the time stands still
And I watch the moon
Of many moons
Of many centuries
Anchor my destructive
Cycle in a node of
Enlightened path
We’ve found somehow,
yet again,
That scales shed.

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