A Breath, And Then

So many things have happened since I left for Bali. In fact, this blog began to fracture from reality ever since the chaos of living away from home in November. It’s hard to keep a blog going when you are a little knight, holding fast to your lance as the world hits you with all sorts of colorful currents.

I am awed by my journeys. It is June 25 as I write this, meaning that I am at least eleven weeks ahead of my blog. My life has jumped and galvanized, dissolved and leapt up from the shadows into the moonlight. Looking back, it feels like the polar opposites within me reversed in the turn of a night, the flip of a coin. Though we evolve bit by bit in every moment, I have tasted more fully an awareness of how changed I have become.

While I regret not staying up to date on my blog, I think that my absence has been for the best. Now, safe and sound in the nest of home, I can write. I can think. I can look back on where I’ve been, and meet the eyes of the future.

If you’ve followed by blog for this long, I commend you. I am grateful for all of you. From now on, things may look a little bit differently here on the Alchemy of Wandering. The structures are flying from freshly opened windows, the winds rising to claim their own.

I am on a journey as a writer, an experiencer, a human, a soul, a wanderer.

So here is my breath, and now here is my story of the past twelve weeks.

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