(circa April 2017)

Light shivered through me.

Eyes closed, the internal reflected the external. Shadows of the sun sank on the horizon, filtering through the trees softly, slowly, like the quiet falling of a feather. And so my consciousness settled, a slow descent.

Breath in. Let it go. Let it surface. The ripples still. And let it go down again. Breath out.

Soon my body fell into the bewitchment of this dance. The tide of breath ebbed and flowed, ebbed and flowed, ebbed, and flowed. And suddenly I was aware of the moon shining in the sky, shining within me, eyes closed. A pulsation between negative and positive, an upwards stream of swirling light.

And soon I realized that I was breathing light out of me, back into light. And from outside, a newness, molecules and atoms filtering in, filtering into this experience. And then out. 

Who are we? I dream.

The molecules, briefly whispering in, then streaming out into the pool of Divinity.

Light shivered through me.

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