Major Tom to Ground Control

Dear Readers (if I may be so intimate), 

I feel as if I have been a little selfish with my blog. I’ll be the first to say that my posts have turned to the dark side, though I seemed to initially promise joy, self-growth, and captivating descriptions of tactile wonder. I wanted to delegate all the very moody stuff to Tumblr, which is supposed to be the yin to this yang. I’m sorry if you opened The Alchemy of Wandering bright and early one morning, deceived into expecting a radiant blossom of hope, only to see lightning unfurling off of its petals. My inner being has a tendency to challenge boundaries, especially the ones I try to enforce upon myself.

While I have a suspicion that many of you dear readers receive the thunderstorms of my mind gorgeously (now that you anticipate the need for umbrellas and lightning rods, of course), I’m going to try to establish some balance in the accelerating chaos of this blog. My fickle artistic soul, like an old marriage partner, is telling me to “not scare away too many dinner guests, darling.”

I’ve generated some beautiful, briefly illuminating flashes of light, but there are some questions left in the dark. I realize that, in the glorious wake of The Plan, pragmatic follow up is needed on the concrete tangibility of what I’ve done and seen in every place, as opposed to what I’ve felt. This blog needs more names and dates. So, what will come next is a series of posts called “Home,” providing you with some details that you may have been deprived of these past five weeks. I actually am a real person who occupies space and moves through time, in case my vague and mysterious reflections suggest otherwise.

Hopefully this type of report will evolve into a grounding tradition, highlighting my earthly adventures in one place before I depart for the next. Ideally, I’ll learn to balance realism with the abstract in my future posts, so that I don’t always have to overcompensate with a charming letter to my audience. That said, though I am reigning in the emotional chariot for now, I deem it fair to disclaim the unpredictability of the hot-blooded, evocative, untamable creatures that breathe life into my creative conscious. So, let’s begin. 

Wishing you all radiance, euphoria, and peace,




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